All of us are a SOUL TAPESTRY, handcrafted by the GREAT CREATOR,

To find out what Soul Tapestry is all about, watch Deitra explain the

process in a 3-minute YouTube video.  

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This playful yet revealing retreat will focus on creating a visual photo-collage journal of who we are, who God is, how we best relate to Him according to our spiritual temperament and how we uniquely reflect Him to our world. You'll be surprised how using magazine images can draw you into deeper reflection and meaningful conversations with group participants. We live in a visual culture - using images can open us up in surprising ways to what is happening in our hearts. Pictures lower our guard and allow for creativity to flourish. They help you connect to the ups and downs in your life and see how God is intersecting your story. As we learn more about our true self through this process, we can live into the person God originally intended us to become, one that reflects and honors God, bringing Him the glory He deserves.



My dreams for my life are being restored  Sometimes, it just takes a picture from a magazine to wake us up to the truth and bring back the joy of our youth and peace that only our faith in Jesus Christ can bring.  I am eternally grateful!


Linda K.




God showed me through the pictures and my reflections on them just how far He's brought me in my growth, just how much He cares for me and a constant whispering of trust. I left filled with gratitude.


Emily L.