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As your spiritual growth coach, my desire is to ignite in you a deeper intimacy with God through keeping company with Jesus while listening to the Holy Spirit. I create a safe and sacred space for you to listen to the Lord’s personal invitation for what He wants you to know, be or do. I offer individual coaching that assists you in discerning your life purpose, practices to help you achieve your goals, and visual life mapping where you will recognize and respond to God in your story (Listen to My Life https://www.onelifemaps.com/). Monthly small groups provide opportunities to explore spiritual practices that will deepen your unique and intimate relationship with God. Yearly spiritual art retreats are a fun getaway in the North Georgia mountains where you will explore how you can grow your connection to God through your creativity.



Deitra Shoemaker



For over forty years, Deitra’s relational style of connecting with women on their level has brought many to a deeper, more personal walk with God. Her call is to ignite a passion in women to fall in love with God and experience Him in an intimate way through keeping company with Jesus and listening to the voice of the Spirit.


As a professional spiritual growth coach, many individuals, small groups and churches around the country as well as internationally have benefited from her thought provoking questions, deep listening, and engaging facilitation.  Her ministry, Closer Still, also offers individual and group coaching in person and online as well as monthly mini-retreats.


Deitra has developed and taught Prayer Journaling: Developing an Intimate Relationship with God, which focuses on many of the principles in her book, Ears Wide Open. She is a 2004 graduate of C.L.A.S.S. (Christian Leaders, Authors and Speakers Services,) and a professional certified life coach trained through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching (2006). She is a recommended facilitator and regional coordinator for Listen to My Life life-mapping curriculum. Her latest venture is her Soul Tapestry Retreat which connects people more deeply to God through combining creative collage with contemplative journaling.


Deitra's favorite roles are wife to Rob for 40 years, mom to three married daughters and sons-in-law and grandma to fourteen adorable grandchildren. She attends and serves at Hamilton Mill Church which is a satellite campus for North Point Ministries, pastored by Andy Stanley.


When the weather’s right you can find her gardening alongside Rob. She has an assortment of books in her quiet time basket and a novel on her bed stand as well as a book on CD in her car and hardly ever gets the stories confused. When she has a free moment, you can find her exploring her creativity through art journaling, mixed media, acrylics, and watercoloring.  Check out her paintings here: https://deitrashoemaker.wixsite.com/website


Working with Deitra allowed me to unclutter both the physical and spiritual places that I inhabit. She gave direction to the process and encouragement along the way.  Her coaching is clear, honest, loving, and important.  I’ll never be able to thank her enough for the contributions she continues to make to my journey, both personally and spiritually. 


Sarah H



Being in this group was an impactful 10 months! It encouraged me to look into myself and become the person I want to be and learn to live the way Christ would have me live. It helped me yearn for a deeper understanding of how to order my life with what is good and true.


Bridget B.