Listen to My Life
A Closer Walk a unique visual tool that becomes an on-ramp to conversations with yourself, God, and your coach in reviewing your past, assessing your present and continuing to joyfully and courageously walk with God into your future. The goal is to help you recognize and respond to God in the midst of your story and discover your true self. 8 sessions at $70 per 50 minute session.

Being intentional about our relationship with God can catapult our intimacy with Him to new levels. Discover how your spiritual temperament coupled with spiritual disciplines that fit your personality and stage of life can be the vehicle to experiencing God more deeply. 6 sessions at $75 per 50 minute session.


Enneagram coaching
Discovering My Life Purpose

Not sure of your Enneagram type? No problem! Together we will nail down not only your type but your dominant wing, who you become in stress and growth, how your instinctual variant affects your type and much more.  6 sessions at $75 per 50 minute session.

Do you want to know more about what your passions are, what motivates you and what direction God wants you to be headed? We will explore all of this and more in 6 sessions and end with writing your personal mission statement. $75 per 50 minute session.


Dare to Dream
Discover My Core Values

We all have things we want to do someday, as well as people we want to help, and even character qualities we want to be remembered for. These 6 sessions will help you process what God has put in your heart and motivate you to set realistic goals to achieve your dreams. $75 per 50 minute session.

Would having a plumb line from which you make all your decisions be valuable to you? Core personal values are the non-negotiable's in your life. With my help you will discern the patterns that help those values emerge and become clarified in their most distilled and usable form. After 5 sessions you will have an On-Target Living Chart completed with short and long term goals from which to live your life with confidence. $80 per 50 minute session.

Focusing Forward

Do you have a huge job to accomplish and can’t get started because you feel overwhelmed? Setting a S.M.A.R.T. goal, learning how to “divide and conquer,” as well as targeting and overcoming the obstacles will help you reach your future objective. You choose the action steps you want to take to make your goal a reality.  8 sessions at $70 per 50 minute session.